Sunday, March 20, 2011

Travel Adventures: Portland

A golden rule that should always always always always forever always be followed when you eat anywhere: be nice to the wait staff. As a result 1 of 2 things will happen: 1) they'll still be cold but at least they're less likely to spit in your food 2) they'll be just as nice back. In homey, cozy places like Portland, the possibility of the latter happening is around 86% because people are so friendly. BE. NICE.

The Waffle Window

Yum. Yum. Yum. Yumm. YUM. You will not need syrup for these waffles. I don't know how to accurately do justice to these waffles but basically the outside is a perfect crisp because of a special sugar they use but the inside is soft and that crunch is kind of similar to a perfectly toasted slice of Texas toast. YUM YUM.

This is probably my favorite place to visit in Portland all things considered (price, yumminess, price, people, lack of wait time). GO. HERE.

Farm Fusion Waffle
Savory, non-sweet waffles are hard to find so it's almost an obligation to get one. Spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted peppers, and cheese. The waffle is still sweet and the perfect consistency/texture. It's similar to how people can find waffles and bacon good together. For a healthier alternative, this works beautifully. :)

Berry Panna Cotta Waffle
The tartness of the panna cotta is such a great addition to the whipped cream and strawberries. This is usually served with raspberries but they were out so strawberries were substituted. STILL amazing. And you can't really ever go wrong with whipped cream and berries.

Blueberry Cheesecake Waffle
Blueberries. Whipped cream. Waffle. Cheesecake PUDDING. I'm not even sure what that really is but I can tell you this, I want to eat it with every meal. The pudding is soft so it's not just cheesecake filling which makes this waffle even better because then the waffle won't be fat-lady-squished by the weight of the filling.

Warm Apple Pie Waffle
This title should really be self explanatory. This was heavenly. Still is heavenly. The memory of this waffle is enough to pick my mood up. It was/is/forever will be THAT good.

Jam On Hawthorne

There's usually a wait but since we went on a Thursday it wasn't too bad. We drove past this place on a Saturday and since I become rather unwanted company when I'm hungry, I would probably opt out of this place. But if you do manage to get in, the wait staff is really nice and the plates being served around you make it even more difficult than it already was to figure out what you want. I can't really help you with that so....yep.

Tofu Scramble with Rye Toast
The tofu scramble is a good substitution if you think egg is too heavy...or if your vegan. Either or.

I have a huge Titanic-sized soft spot for salmon so this was de-li-cious. But I must admit the salmon was a little dry. I've had amazing salmon hash in Portland before (here) and this didn't compare, but it was still very yummy.

The JD Massacre
One word: Hefty. Too. Much. Egg. The cheese, veggie sausage, everything else was good though. BUT, the house roasted red pepper sauce served on the side is so delicious and made everything 10X better than it would've been otherwise. I wouldn't recommend this though. In other words, it "massacred" me. harhar.