Friday, June 25, 2010

In Case of 98% Humidity... HELLA ice cream...

Mango Snowflake @ Rainbow Desserts (Hong Kong)
Mango ice cream in thickened sweet mango juice w/ tapioca and soft tofu

One word really sums this up well and if you can't guess what it is we may have a problem: Mango-y. It's good and the tofu flower makes for an interesting combination but it's not something I would have ordered. As much as I love me some mango, it was kind of redundant. Similar to saying "I'm eating Mango Snowflake" outloud while you're watching me eat Mango Snowflake...

Star War @ Da Dolce (Hong Kong)
coconut gelato on white cake surrounded by 3 chocolate cookies + fruit
(looks like random planets, yes? =])

I only had a bite of this since it's what my sister ordered but isn't it super cute? From what I could tell, the gelato wasn't amazing. You can get more delicious gelato elsewhere but isn't it SUPER cute?

Peach Slushie @ Four Seas Inernational House (ShenZhen)
Self explanatory.

This was really, really refreshing. It tasted like the sweet plum/peach japanese candies they sell in asian stores...but in slushie form. A-maze-ing. Especially when the humidity is almost that of a swimming pool. The only downside is that this was found at a pricey buffet so it'll be really hard to find again if i crave it. *sigh* It's like opening Pandora's refrigerator...

Puppy Love @ Da Dolce (Hong Kong)
Green tea ice cream on soft tofu on red beans.

It seems like a good idea to mix all three together since they're basically asian dessert staples but I'm not sure how I feel about the taste altogether. The gelato wasn't top notch to begin with and the soft tofu was mostly all I could taste as long as the red bean texture didn't overpower everything. BUT it's super super cute, so I was still soo happy when I ate it.c:

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