Monday, November 22, 2010

Battle of the Cupcake: Cupcake Royalty?

I. Love. Cupcake. Yeah, that's an understatement. More than just being a food snob I am 100% a cupcake snob. It's a way of life. So by no means am I kidding when I say that I take my cupcakes VERY seriously. Let me enlighten you here. Frosting + Cake + Small Size + ZING! = Cupcake

The place: Seattle. The time: As long as I can remember. Challenger 1: Trophy Cupcakes & Party. Challenger 2: Cupcake Royale. Who will win the honor of Felicia's Favorite Cupcake Spot? BUM BUM BUM.

Challenger 1:

Cupcake Royale
Madrona, Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Ballard, Bellevue

My most favorite thing about Cupcake Royale isn't necessarily the cupcakes they bake but how creative they are with their seasonal flavors. Like a lot of Seattle eating establishments, they pay close attention to what's in season and what they can get in plentiful amounts from local farmers (+bonus points!). But most of all they're kookier than their more "sophisticated" counterpart, Trophy Cupcakes.

Bottom line: Cupcake Royale is the hipster chic friend you've always wanted in the form of a witty bakery.

Wild Huckleberry

Probably the most delicious cupcake I've had from Royale. It was light and fruity, and since I got it in the Spring, it was perfect. I would classify this as the fruit smoothies of cupcakes. Unfortunately, it was seasonal so all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that it comes back.


One of their most celebrated cupcakes, but I didn't really get the hype. It was kind of dry and the frosting was more vanilla than lavender to me.

Dance Party

Pink vanilla frosting on a vanilla cake. Classic, but only if you're into a really dense cake (which, unfortunately, I am not.)

My Friends Are Crazy Too

(clockwise from bottom left): Salted Caramel, Lemon Drop, Dance Party, Royal with Cheese, Peppermint Party, Classic

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